Alternatives Program is a medically supervised drug free outpatient program service that began by serving the Criminal Justice community in 1990 and has expanded services to include many other populations. Between all sites the program has a census of about 1,000 clients, many of whom are referred by NYC Probation, NYS Parole, Brooklyn and Manhattan Drug Courts, US Parole, and other branches of the Criminal Justice system. Referrals from other sources and self-referrals are also accepted. Services are offered in the Bronx, Brooklyn, and Queens.

Hope Case Management provides extensive, well coordinated case management services to HIV/AIDS. Comprehensive case management includes case management services to family members and significant others who may have an impact on the lives of the identified client. In these programs, participants receive a full, comprehensive bio-psychosocial needs assessment, an extensive service plan, and coordinated linkage to all services required to help them and their families live healthy, productive lives.

Narco Freedom Independence Program provides services directed toward alcohol and other drugs with alcohol being the primary drug of abuse in most cases. The program offers intensive alcoholism counseling and education, family therapy to three populations – alcoholics who are self referral or referred from other area programs (including detoxification centers), alcoholic clients of Narco Freedom’s Methadone programs, and individuals who struggle with problems because of the impact of the alcohol abuse of significant others in their lives.

Narco Freedom’s Key Extended Entry Program (KEEP) is a methadone-to-abstinence program designed primarily for heroin abusers who have never received previous treatment. This program originated at Rikers Island to service inmates who needed after-care treatment. The program covers six (6) months and focuses on assessing the client’s needs, developing appropriate treatment planning and, if necessary, discharge to a long-term recovery program.

Narco Freedom’s Methadone programs provide complete biopsychosocial assessments, physical examinations, vocational assessment and referral, urine testing, chemotherapy, individual and group counseling, alcoholism counseling, assistance with entitlements, and case management services. Psychiatric assessments, medications and psychotherapy are available on a short-term crisis intervention basis on site, and long-term psychotherapy and psychiatric chemotherapy are available by referral to Narco Freedom’s New Beginnings Community Counseling Services.

Narco Freedom became one of the first free standing methadone programs to have primary care capabilities in 1992. The medical program offers an array of medical services that includes state-of-the-art Immunology, Pediatric, Allergy, Immunization, Prenatal, Optometry and Podiatry.

The New Beginnings Community Counseling Center provides quality mental health services to the adults and children in the Mott Haven community and those patients of Narco Freedom programs who indicate need. Of particular concern to the program are Mentally Ill Chemical Abusers (MICA) who attend Narco Freedom programs and are in need of coordinated mental health and AOD services.

Regeneration is a residential treatment program for women and their pre-latency age children (infancy through age 9 years). Women live in the program with their children and progress through a series of four phases developed to help them learn to function more independently and overcome addiction to drugs and self-destructive behaviors. The program design requires approximately six months of intensive treatment and three months of transition to independent living to complete.

The program is designed to provide affordable housing to individuals with a substance abuse history who have been referred through New York City Department of the Homeless.
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Some people appear to become addicted almost immediately, while others may use for years without apparent consequences. The question is critical for individuals wondering about their own use — and the families, friends and employers who care about them.

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