The program is designed to provide affordable housing to individuals with a substance abuse history who have been referred through New York City Department of the Homeless.

Accompanied by our varied support services [listed below]. Case management staff provides the following services;:

Budgeting/Time Management
Substance abuse
Assistance with daily living skills
Permanency planning
Job readiness training
Crisis intervention
Problem solving skills/ Support groups
Recreational activities
Public advocacy
Location: :

368 East 148th Street, Bronx, New York 10455

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Contact: :

Phone: (718) 585-5204
Fax: (718) 585-578
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Some people appear to become addicted almost immediately, while others may use for years without apparent consequences. The question is critical for individuals wondering about their own use — and the families, friends and employers who care about them.

Early Intervention Counseling
Methadone Maintenance Treatment
Alcohol & Substance Abuse Treatment for Mothers
Support Groups for Patients & Family Members
Alcohol Abuse Treatment
12-Step Support Groups
Services Provided at this Location:

Alternatives Adult Treatment Program
Alternatives Adolescent Treatment Program
Independence Alcohol Treatment Program
MMTP Willis Avenue
BUS: BX 15, 21, 41, 55
TRAIN: #2 & #5 (Third Avenue Stop)

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Alternatives Treatment Program
HIV Care – Hope Case Management
Independence- Alcohol Treatment
Methadone Maintenance Treatment
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Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism
Drug & Subtance Abuse
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